Falling Down


Memory, the fading of the memory,

the ones that I may never see,

they serve me none.  

Choosing, ain't no sense in choosing,

the memory I'm losing,

they move as one.


Tuesday…what did I do Tuesday?

There's nothing I can do or say,

there's not a word.

Look back, try now to see through that,

the needle in the haystack,

it's all a blur.


Time still moving and I'll soon be,

underneath a new roof's cover,

but as the bricks descend around I know,

silence is the only comfort.

Those walls

are falling down.


They're falling down.  



Laughter, I can hear the laughter,

the demon's of the rapture,

the end is near.

Calling, I can hear them calling,

the winter, summer, fall, and spring,

it lasts all year.


Lucid slipping, loosely gripping,

they were waiting for salvation.

The man of planning, he's not dancing,

rolling in a shallow grave.

They're gone.


They're falling down, they're falling down.

They're falling down, they're falling down.