Don't tell me yes, 

If it's just a guess,

Then say 'Maybe.'

There's strange folk afoot, they say,

and it's hard to tell who's who these days.


Show me

I should trust in you, 

just be kind and true,

and not shady.

There's strange folk, they're walking in the streets.

They pitter-pat and chitter-chat

and don't make time for this and that.



I must confess 

That emptiness 

Is contagious.

There's strange folk, alive and well,

when talk is cheap to buy and sell.


I feel, I have the only normal mind.

Ain't that a tell-tale sign for the crazies?

There's strange folk, within the city walls,

they're wearing camouflage,

you could be the queen of all.


Save me, and save yourself.

This is all a mess.

Let's escape this.  

There's strange folk, they're sending out their calls.

They say that we belong.

They say that we belong.